Hydro ECI (HECI) stands Electricity, Control – protection and Instrumentation is a supplier of services and equipment for the electrical balance of plant in the hydro power generation sector. Our team includes engineers and technologists coming from the power generation sector. The company can thus, count on a work force that has a solid technical background in power generation.

HECI is a company specialized in the power generation business and particularly in the field of hydro-electric power stations. We are specialized at the engineering level and the equipment for the electrical auxiliaries (Balance Of Plant, BOP).

The HECI philosophy is to address in detail all electrical interfaces in order to have an optimum engineering integration for the electrical auxiliaries. This is the difference between optimising a plant for electrical auxiliaries versus a deficient plant. In economic terms, this will result in minimizing the lost of production.

Therefore, for your hydro-electric project needs, we could become a very effective partner who is dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers.