Hydro ECI offers the following equipment :

Speed governor

Hydro ECI does the integration of speed control components provided by the turbine manufacturer.

Hydro ECI also offers a speed governor on a PLC platform (PLC-TG). This controller has been developed to meet the needs of small plants and can integrate the control of the hydraulic power unit.
Datasheet PLC-TG

Control panel

Control and protection panel including programmable logic controller (PLC), human machine interface (HMI).

Protection panel

Line and generator protection panel.


Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).


Water level measurement system, vibration monitoring and other instrumentation.

Remote maintenance

Remote maintenance and control device using the telephone network or an Internet connection.

Station service equipment

Station service equipment including motor control centre, AC / DC distribution panel, battery charger, battery disconnect switch, batteries and UPS.


Switchgear equipment including neutral grounding cabinet, generator breaker and fused load break disconnect switch for 4.16 kV, 13.8 kV and 25 kV nominal voltages.