Hydro ECI offers these engineering services :

Engineering for project development

Provide the electrical engineering services to define the needs and estimate the cost of a project.

Project follow-up

Provide the electrical engineering services in order to advise the customer, or to manage a project with the aim of respecting conformity of the product and the project schedule.

Protection and control design

Preparation of project electrical drawings/schematics and specifications to design a control and protection system for the power equipment. A complete engineering package document including protection study, grounding study, arc flash study, electrical drawings, installation drawings, cable lists and bill of materials are provided for the electrical power equipment, line and generator protection, governor cabinet and control system.

Industrial software

Produce plant control software with programmable logic controllers (PLC). The languages used are the ladder diagram, function block grafcet and others. . Develop operator interface configuration according to the application by using non-proprietary software.

Rehabilitation of control systems including the programmable logic controller and the operator interface.

Rehabilitation or automation of the existing equipment by using the latest technology based on programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI).

Shop testing and field commissioning

Carry out shop tests or field tests to ensure that the equipment conforms to the specifications and is installed as per the applicable rules or standards.

Annual technical support for the operation from a remote engineering station

Provide technical assistance from a remote location to support the customer during equipment failure or trouble shooting. We can also do on site troubleshooting.