About the company Hydro ECI

Hydro ECI (HECI) stands for Electricity, Control - Protection and Instrumentation. Since its beginnings in the year 2000, the company became a lead developer and supplier of electrical protection engineering, speed governors, units and plant automation and control solutions, services and equipment strictly for hydroelectric turbine, generator and powerhouses. Its stable team of engineers and technologists specialized to the hydropower sector provide as a company a solid technical, highly competitive and experienced aproach to every generation project.

The HECI team is specialized at the electrical engineering level of the generation equipment, its protection, controls programming, as it also does for the integration of all of its required auxiliaries (line, intake and downstream gates, level, flow management and internal services) also known as electrical Balance Of Plant (e-BOP).

Our philosophy is to address in detail each and every electrical interface in order to achieve an optimal engineering integration of all electrical components. In economic terms, trustable engineering, protection, control and management is the key advantage to minimize the loss of production.

Being it a new site or the rehabilitation of your hydroelectric project needs, HECI is a partner totally devoted to the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

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